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How to Do Online Network Marketing – 10 Easy Steps

Online network Marketing

How to do Online Network Marketing and be successful utilizing part-time hours. Can this be achieved?  Because most people start their businesses part-time….

In short the answer is YES.  So if the vast majority of people start their MLM business with part time hours.  Why is it that some people go on to be very successful and attain all their goals?  And yet others do not.  Even though they have the same tools and hours in the day.  I have personally witnessed people who have had very little time to build their business.  However, they have gone on and built huge organisations and completely changed their lives for the better. On the other hand I have witnessed people in similar situations fail.  Why is this?

Every individual is different, however there are a few disciplines that if consistently adhered to WILL lead YOU in the direction of success.  No matter how many hours you have to spare to learn how to do Network Marketing efficiently.

We also must remember that success to one person does not necessary mean success to another.  People join Online Network Marketing for lots of reasons.

Reasons to Join Online Network Marketing


  • An extra income to clear debt
  • To have more disposable income at the end of the month
  • To afford a new Car/TV/House
  • Meet new people
  • Own their own business
  • To quit their ‘job’
  • To enable them to reduce their overtime at work
  • To afford a vacation

The list is endless, however, my point is. Whatever YOUR goal.  Learning how to do Online Network Marketing within the time you have available is vital for your success.

Online network marketing

The most profitable ways to make money from home are by joining an Affiliate or Online Network Marketing program. But along with wanting to join a program, you have so many questions but find it hard to get the right answers because there is so much false information out there on what network marketing really is, and how it works.

How Does Online Networking marketing Work?

You become a network marketer by registering to an online network marketing company and once you’re registered and approved you’re officially an independent distributor of their products and can start using direct marketing methods to sell their products. The next step would be to get trained by the person who sponsored you into the program on how to market the products.

You’re also trained on how to use the company marketing tools to attract prospects into your downline (group) so you can get paid. sometimes you’re given free marketing tools, but there are some network marketing companies that make you pay for marketing tools. So your best bet is to ask if your network marketing company provides free marketing tools.

We have some tips for you to get maximum benefits from Online Network marketing:

Tips to get Benefits from Online Network Marketing

Tip#1.  Be Strict with YOUR time.

Make sure that you schedule time for your business and be strict with yourself. Plan how many hours a day you can spend on your business and make sure that you make the most of your time. Write down in a diary in advance when you can work. Make this into your hourly and daily planner.  Try to plan your week ahead at the same time on the same day.  For example every Sunday evening.

This will over time become routine. Remember it’s your business and your future.  DO NOT get distracted from what you have to do to achieve success in online network marketing.

The benefits of this are…

By consistently working to your planner, you will get into a routine.  And this consistency WILL be beneficial to your business by moving it forward.  After about 30 days this work routine will become a habit.  And what a GREAT habit to have!

Tip#2.  Focus on Online money making activities…

Getting into profit as soon as possible is important for any business. So focus on the things that will make you money.  Retailing product and connecting with new people (lead generation) are always important to get maximum from Online network marketing.  So use your time wisely and always be working on the money making activities.  Because it is easy to become distracted from the actual money producing activities especially if you are marketing online.

Social media being a prime example.  How many times have you been distracted by following a news feed or watching a video.  I know I have…

If you are Online network marketing always be aware that your valuable time is being used productively and not wasted.

The benefits of this are…

By focusing on the money making activities.  You will begin to see that you are being profitable. YIPPEE!  This gives you added belief in what you are doing. Plus you can now share your success with others.  This is great for recruiting purposes and if you teach the people that you recruit the same process of how to do Online Network Marketing part-time and be profitable.  They will duplicate it and success WILL lead to more success for everyone in YOUR team. That’s the beauty of Online Network Marketing

Tip #3.  Have a MUST DO list.

These are the tasks that MUST be done daily.  Remembering that YOUR time is valuable. This could be for example, creating a piece of new content and connecting to 3 new people a day.

The benefits of this are…

By focussing on your MUST DO list you will create momentum.  Because the MUST DO list will be focussed on Online network marketing activities. If you have momentum in your business consistently you will over time be successful. How long that time depends on how much time YOU put into your business.

Well, do you want to join an Online Network Marketing?


here are the things to consider!

What Should I look For In an Online Network Marketing Company?

Well what you want to look for in a network company are these things:

1) Reputable company – Make sure the company you join is a reputable one
2) Experience – Meaning they have been in business for more than 10 years
3) Products In Demand – It’s easier to sell products that are in demand
4) Workable System – A workable successful business system is easy to mimic
5) Training – Without good training, it will be hard for to you to succeed
6) Social Environment- Interacting with others can help you grow as a networker
7) Good Compensation – It has to pay good in order for you to be financially independent
6) Good Customer Service – You should be able to call the company up any time
and get help with any problems you may have concerning your business

Video explaining to do Online network Marketing

What Are the Best Online Network Marketing Companies?

Well “the best” companies are just a matter of opinion. One person can think one company is the best, while another person may think that same company is not worth joining. So it’s just a matter of opinion. But I can tell you two things.

One is that the most successful and most lucrative network marketing companies are the those that sell health and nutritional, and personal care products. The second thing I can do is list the top five most successful online network marketing companies o right now.

1) Herbalife – Distributes health and wellness products, also personal care products
2) Avon – Distributes Personal care, eco-friendly, and health and nutrition products
3) Amway Distributes personal and beauty care products
3) Pre-Paid Legal Inc- Distributes legal service, insurance, and identity theft protection
4) Shaklee – Distributes personal care, health and wellness, and eco-friendly products
5) ACN – Distribute tech products such as satellite tv, digital phone service, internet, etc.

There are many many more but these are the top five. It’s up to you to choose which one you’d like to join. “The best” company is objective and differs from person to person.

Here is a full list of the Top 25 Online Network Marketing Companies and their earnings and how you can get paid as a distributor for their company.

Do I need to Purchase Anything For online network marketing?

As I said earlier depending on which company you go with you might have to purchase marketing products, hosting fees for the independent distributor website they give you, or for training material. Another fee that almost every network company has is a start up fee or registration fee, this fee is what you pay for joining the business and differs from company to company. Again, not all do this and if you don’t have the money to purchase any of these items then go to a network marketing company where there are no fees for these items.

Why Do Most People In Online Network Marketing Fail To Make Any Money?

Online network Marketing

Well there are many reasons why people fail in online network marketing, the main reason is that people fail to do research on the company to see if it’s right for them. On the other hand the company may have a good business system in place, good training and marketing material, but the independent distributor might be lazy, and in reality not making much of an effort to “work” the business and as a result, fail to make money.

There are many more reasons, but these are the main ones.

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Can You Really Make Money From Online Network Marketing?

Yes! You absolutely can if you sell a product that’s in demand, have a good mentor and social support, exeute an effective marketing strategy, and if you apply yourself and everything your taught. It takes effort and persistence. Often people give up after not seeing instant results. Well it doesn’t work like that. Success in anything takes time. Also keep in mid network marketing is not for everyone. So do some research to find out if it’s suitable for you.

Do You Need To Be Good At Sales Or Have A University Degree
To Be In Online Network Marketing?

LOL NO! The funny thing is that a lot of people think you do. I was never good at sales and I don’t have a degree, yet I made hundreds of thousands of dollars in network marketing. It wasn’t easy, and it did take work, but I still did it!

How Do I Succeed In Online Network Marketing?

I will tell you what worked for me, as well as some of my online network marketing friends.

1) You have to first aquire knowledge about your company and the products. In order to distribute the products and make it not seem like work, but instead fun, you have to know the products and have a passion for it. Don’t join a company based on their compensation package that makes no sense! Join a company based on their track record, their training, and because you love their product.

2) Go to as much training sessions and training call as you can. You must arm yourself with as much training so you actually know what you’re doing when you get out there on your own. I also advise you to learn how to brand yourself and not the product.

The only successful networkeres out there are the one’s that brand themselves. you have to get your name out their as a network marketer to gain a solid reputation. the more reputaion you have the easier it is for people to follow you, or join your downline. People join reputable people. people who are leaders.

3) Have a plan. Those who succeed at anything they do usually have a plan in place. Write down your goals and the resources you’re going to need to achieve them. be as discriptive as possible. Having a plan written out allows you to see what you’ve accomplished and still need to get done in order to reach your goals. If you need help as your mentor for some pointers.

4) Be persistent. Often when new entrepreneurs are faced with hardship they want to give up. They also give up if they don’t see results in the first few months of registering to a network marketing company. Well guys here’s the thing, to be successful at this is you’re going to have to work hard and be dedicated.

I’m not going to lie to you. You’re going to have to work your butt off advertising and promoting your business. Having your own business does take work, but the benifits make it all worth it. I’m telling you network marketing beats a 9-5 any day! Work hard for what you want. Network marketing gets easier as you build your downline.

5) Have a Suport system. this is one of the biggest keys that people miss out on. You can’t do this on your own guys, it’s not build that way. network marketing was build in a way that the only way you’ll make it is with the support of your team and sponsor. In order for your sponsor to be successful you have to be successful. In order for you to be successful your downline of affiliates have to be successful.

Online network marketing

Everyone has to rely on everyone to succeed. And that’s a good way for it to be. you can also get support from your family, friends, co-workers, teachers, or whoever else you think would be a great support system for you.

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You need all the help and support you can get. Don’t kid yourself and think that you can make it on your own. Some days you will feel like giving up and talking to your support system can get you back on track by giving you words of encouragement to keep pushing towards your dream!

These 5 points plus a few more has helped me become successful in Online network marketing, and I hope it will help you as well.

Well that’s it for now. I hope this post gave you more insight into Online network marketing. Go out and do research on a company before deciding to join it.

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How to Do Online Network Marketing – 10 Easy Steps

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